Setting up for an open studio….and staying sane.

Brushes resting after a hard days work….

Attempting to get ready for an open studio while continuing to take custom orders, feed miniature people scampering under toe and take care of one’s self is nearly impossible!  I am in the eye of the storm. The storm has a bunch of violet and greens this year.  I’m also forcing down the magentas like kids force down the kale at dinner because I know “you people” love that fiery, head turning accessory. But hey, I will survive…right?  Please come see me at my open studio this November 8th, 9th, 10th and enjoy some silks and some chocolate.  Pour your own wine, because I’m not “supposed to”.

Cheers (clink)!

Silk Painting

“Textile design encompasses movement, texture and color.  Each individual piece of silk is differentiated by it’s subtle flaws, depth and beauty.                                                                                                                          ~ Rebecca Lynn